During all this time Pegas have shaped certain values which formed the basis of our philosophy and corporate ethics. Today, guided by our own immutable laws, we share with our customers love for impeccable quality, which we aim to achieve. We know that we are capable to open a new world of rich and unsurpassed taste which improves with each new day.

    Perfect cut

    When purchasing beef, the meat should be moist but not shiny, have a deep burgundy color, and should not have an off-putting smell. The packaging should be tear-free. Depending on the cut, the qualities to evaluate beef are the marbling, color, ratio of bone to meat, ratio of fat to meat, and the shape of the cut.


    Especially for you we have developed an online shop where you can order products and goods for every taste and for every occasion. We will deliver your purchases directly to your doorstep.


    From the flagship store that still located on Petricani street, Pegas has grown into multi-channel gourmet retailer all over Chisinau.