About us

To honor the past, to believe in the present, to dedicate yourself to the future

At the beginning of the last century, a meat factory has flourished and prospered in the city of Lvov. It was owned by a butcher named Carl Gike, who happens to be our great-grandfather. Being a successful entrepreneur, a just boss and simply a reasonable and willed man, Carl soon realized, that in order to succeed one needs something far more great than establishing unremitting manufacturing. So he laid the foundations of quality, exclusive and unrivaled, which we endeavor to follow today: traditional recipes with the usage of selected products, meeting the highest standards, a special place in the showcase and in the perception of the costumers. During the war, the factory of his was destroyed, and it was not enough time for Carl to achieve those heights he dreamed of.

However, the idea of the precedence of quality lived, and, after nearly a century, here in Moldova, we have revived his work, reclaiming his standards of quality, aspiring to instill in each and everyone a taste to veritable, qualitative food, to generate a new image of provisions. Over twenty years the Pegas Company has been working assiduously, perfecting with each passing day, trying to herald a new culture of meat products. Whereas carrying devoted love to the common case through four generations of professional butchers, we have formed an exceptional philosophy. The rules of the listed philosophy allow us to go beyond the usual and to conquer new heights, while preserving our traditions, being true to our ideals and answering your expectations. These rules teach us to:

Be worthy

We would never sacrifice quality over quantity. Technical innovations, development of the unique meat processing technologies, purchase and storage of the choicest fresh products - the basics and quality assurance of Pegas - all of these define the status of our company.

Meet the expectations

All the raw materials, which are used in manufacturing, correspond to the highest international standards of quality and safety of food products, such as ISO 22000

«Think green, be green»

We choose only organically pure products, striving to eliminate the possibility of ingress of foreign additives. The products of our manufacturing contain only natural meat of the highest grade.

Feel with our bare hearts

Each sausage batch, produced in the Pegas factory, is meticulously checked and tried by our staff on a mandatory basis.

Take care

Our company offers a warm, friendly atmosphere, because only absolute trust and mutual respect between employees allow us to achieve an effective manufacturing process at every stage. We adhere the same policy in regard to relations with customers, recognition and love of which had become our inestimable reward.

Be faithful

We persistently follow traditional recipes, respecting their every position, because the only way to achieve the one, unique taste, which is already better than one could imagine. And, most importantly, the old recipes are written with no chemical additives, and the product obtained by natural even.

Be inspired

We set ourselves goals, which we are destined to achieve. We never strive to surpass the competition - we aspire to be the preeminent. We do not obey the sense of duty - we follow the dream. We do not hope to change the world, but we believe that a good minute of your life we can turn into the best one.