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Cured pork neck

The dry-cured pork neck is made of the Italian pork meat from animals at the age of not less than one year. It is seasoned with salt and small amount of spices and pepper only in order not to damp the flavor of natural meat. Meat is stuffed into the natural casing and is matured for up to 5 months in special chambers providing suitable temperature and humidity regimes.

"Servelat European"

Fragrant spices added to the delicate, fine-grained flesh of beef and pork of the highest quality grades are the components that make "Servelat European" one of the most delicious meals that one can imagine.

"La ceai "

„La ceai” sausage is very popular because of its pleasant texture and mild taste. The product is produced in a natural casing. Its composition includes minced beef and pork of the highest quality, diced tender speck and fragrant spices. Thanks to forcemeat mixture, the product has a light pink color with uniform splashes of speck pieces creating beautiful pattern.


This special dry-cured sausage is a product made of the best grades of pork. We use only fresh, carefully selected meat of coarse grinding for its production. This meat is mixed with sea salt, whole peppercorns and wine. It is filled manually into the natural pork casing providing its specific uneven width. Then, Fellino is placed into special climatic chambers for slow aging in optimal conditions of temperature, humidity and ventilation. The final product is obtained as soft and gentle one with a sweet flavor and delicate aroma.


This dry-cured salami is produced under recipe that was developed in Hungary many years ago. It is produced of finely minced meat of pork shoulder and brisket. Its composition includes consists of fortified wine and natural seasonings. The maine feature of this salami is in slight smoking during production. Due to this fact, it possesses with saturated, spicy taste.


Called under the name of the small, picturesque town in Transylvania, the hard-smoked sausage “Sibişel” is made under all canons of the ancient cuisine in those regions of Romania. In the Middle Ages, foremost butchers were striving not to overload flavor of sausages with aroma of spices to obtain the clean and bright taste. Therefore, there is relatively small amount of spices in the sausage “Sibişel”. So that it owes its gustatory qualities to the highest grade of pork and juicy pork belly.


Produced of beef and tender pork meat, the cooked and smoked "Servelat" features by delicate taste blooming due to the unique smoking technology of using natural hardwood sawdust. Black pepper and nutmeg enhances delicious flavors of various spices and seasonings.

"De Odesa"

Of course, this amazing sausage was cooked first time in Odessa. This stand-alone dish combines all charm of the Southern cuisine: spicy aroma, light pepper spice, and a special taste inherent to tender beef, aromatic pork speck and harmonious combination of spices.


Quality of dry-cured sausages depends on the raw material. Therefore, high quality pork, shoulder blade and lean brisket only is selected for production of the "Nostrano" sausage.

"De Napoli"

"De Napoli" possesses with distinctive spicy, slightly sweet, but not sharp flavor. It is the dry-cured sausage in a natural casing made of selected pork shoulder with addition of lean brisket, which provides it with pink color on the cut with inclusions of fine grains of the pork lard.